Trisha Yearwood "Wild For You Baby" by Trisha Yearwood (Tom Snow/David Batteau)

1st Verse

Struck by the moon risin' too soon
I feel a pain deep inside me
Cold northern wind, a fist in my chin
Makin' me wild for you, baby

2nd Verse

What can I do to get back to you
I'm feelin' desperate and lonely
The city's a river of cold misery
Makin' me wild for you, baby


I'm down on my knees
Hear me cry for you, baby
Cold misery
I would die for you, baby
I pray you will see
These tears I cry

3rd Verse

Nights I can't sleep, my tears are cheap
I'm losin' hold of my senses
And I can't contain all of this pain
And it's makin' me wild for you, baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)


Makin' me wild for you, baby
Goin' wild for you, baby
Hear me cry
Hear me cry
For you, baby

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