Trisha Yearwood "Where Are You Now" by Trisha Yearwood (Kim Richey/Mary Chapin Carpenter)

1st Verse

You used to sooth me
You used to swear with
Heart-crossed conviction
That you'd be there
Where are you now


Well I'm good, one of a kind
But I would rather be two
And still speak my mind
But I miss talkin' with you
And I could hem and haw
But I'll just cut right through
I don't need nothin' baby
Nothin' but you

2nd Verse

Well, I lit a candle
It's burnin' still
Most every night on
My window sill
Where are you now

(Repeat Chorus)


Weren't we somethin' back then
Thick as thieves
Who would have ever thought that
You and me
Would let forever come to
Used to be

(Repeat Chorus)

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