Trisha Yearwood "I'm Still Alive" by Trisha Yearwood (Matraca Berg/Al Anderson)

1st Verse

Woke up this mornin', just another day
Got myself out of bed in the usual way
Threw back the curtains, and the sun was shinin'
Well it seems these days, I got such good timin'
Since I let you go
Well, what do ya know


Guess I fooled everybody
Said I'd love you 'til the day that I died
Even if you didn't love me
Sorry, baby, I guess I lied
You're gone, and I'm still alive
Oh, yea yeah

2nd Verse

I'm the kind of girl that never fails
To hang on to the past by my fingernails
And I can't help it, even I'm amazed
At how much better they look
Painted in pink sorbet, yea
What took me so long
To sing this song

(Repeat Chorus)


I said goodbye, and I survived
I'm still alive

Since I let you go
Well, what do you know

(Repeat Chorus)


I'm still alive, oh yea yeah
Well, what do you know

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