Trisha Yearwood "One Love" by Trisha Yearwood (Kimmie Rhodes/Gary Nicholson/Al Anderson)

1st Verse

So many times love went south
Down into the valley of the shadow of doubt
My faith was failin', my hope was gone
I wandered in the wilderness all alone
You came to me like a revelation
In your arms I found salvation, oh


One love
Took me to the mountaintop
Showed me a world I'd never seen
One love
Took me down to the riverside
Opened my heart and (washed me clean)
(Made me feel brand new)
Nothin' less than a miracle
Sent from Heaven above
One love

2nd Verse

I'm amazed by the wonder of you
The clouds all open, and the light comes through
All my life I had never guessed
That anyone could ever be so blessed
I feel brand new, I've been revived
All I want to do is testify, oh

(Chorus Out)

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