Trisha Yearwood "Heart Like A Sad Song" by Trisha Yearwood (Annie Roboff/Arnie Roman)

She loves the ones with all that wounded pride
The ones who carry all that hurt inside
Who never seem to find a place they belong
She's got a heart like a sad song

And she will give them all the love she can
Even when love won't give her half a chance
And she will stay with them 'til all hope is gone
She's got a heart like a sad song


There's a wedding picture she still keeps
Of the girl she was and the man he seemed to be
He left her the house with the picket fence
And walked way with her innocence

(Fiddle and Piano solo)

(Repeat Bridge)

Now from the moment that love comes to call
She's waiting for that other shoe to fall
Goodbye's the only thing that she's counting on
Oh, she's got a heart like a sad song
She's got a heart like a sad song

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