Trisha Yearwood listen  "Gimme The Good Stuff" by Trisha Yearwood (Hillary Landers/George Ducas/Angelo)

1st Verse

Black coffee and teardrops
Are all soakin' through
All over my pillow
It ain't nothin' new
But somethin' just crossed my mind
I've been feelin' like love's a crime
And if it is, well, I done my time
I'm through


Hey, gimme the good stuff (yeah)
Hey, I'm tired of this hard luck
Hey, gimme the good stuff
(Hey, gimme the good stuff)

2nd Verse

I've settled for too long
I've let the truth lie
It's gonna keep trippin' me up
'Til I kiss it goodbye
And maybe it's time to put it in drive
Pull the top down and feel alive
Let the sun take over my sky
How 'bout it

(Repeat Chorus)


More than a taste
It ain't so tough
I'm not askin' for much
I don't wanna wait

(Repeat Chorus)

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