Trisha Yearwood "There Goes My Baby" by Trisha Yearwood (Annie Roboff/Arnie Roman)

1st Verse

He was the kind of guy who loved so unselfishly
And everyone could see what a prize he was
Everyone but me
I must be blind
I must be the kind who don't know what they have
'Til they're all alone and sad


There goes my baby
Like the sun falling out of the clear blue sky
There goes my baby
And it's gonna be a cold hard night
Now that I finally see
How I need him to be
Right here by my side
There goes my baby
Bye bye baby goodbye

2nd Verse

How could I have a love so fine
And not know what it's worth
Maybe this empty heart he left behind
Is all that I deserve
What kind of fool
Finds a perfect jewel and can't see how it shines
'Til she's all alone and cryin'

(Repeat Chorus)


How I wish I could hold him in my arms and say
This time I'm gonna treat him right
But it's too late

(Repeat Chorus)


Bye bye baby goodbye
Bye bye baby goodbye

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