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Life Happened
Where I Am
30 Something and Single
"Life Happened" by Tammy Cochran (Patrick Jason Matthews/Kerry Kurt Phillips)

1st Verse

From the time she was thirteen
Julia Thompson had a dream
That someday she would see her name in lights
And after every high school play
The grown-ups all would say
That Julie's future sure is lookin' bright
Well, I saw her sellin' videos
At a store in Eastland Mall
I said, 'Why aren't you in Hollywood
Taking casting calls?'
She handed me my change
And started laughin'
And said

1st Chorus

Life happened
Me and Bobby Chapman fell in love
Daddy passed away, and the babies came
And drama school was just too much
Now there's Little League and mouths to feed
And I direct a kindergarten Christmas pageant
Life happened

2nd Verse

Curtis had an ol' Chevelle
The cops knew that car well
He never lost a race on Windy Hollow Road
By the time he turned eighteen
He was a Georgia dirt track king
Proudly sponsored by the local Texaco
I bumped into him at Murphy's bar
And he ordered us a round
I said, 'Why aren't you in Rockingham
Chasing Gordon down?'
He killed his drink
And tore the corners off his napkin
And said

2nd Chorus

Life happened
I was driving home from Athens late one night
A trucker fell asleep and swapped paint with me
Said I rolled that van at least five times
Now, I thank my stars, and I sell used cars
And I teach drivers' education at St. Catherine's
Yeah, life happened


I saw the rest of my old friends
At our reunion at the Holiday Inn
And it seemed like it was only yesterday
Standin' in the gym in our cap and gown
Full of wanderlust and glory-bound
We set out to chase our dreams on wings of passion
But somewhere along the way we got distracted

3rd Chorus

Life happened
Our clothes went out of fashion with our songs
We started families and bought SUV's
Became step-dads and soccer moms
I finally realized we turned out alright
And we spent the night just catching up and dancin'
And life happened

listen  "All In How You Look At Things" by Tammy Cochran (Tammy Cochran/Patricia Gray)

1st Verse

Friend, I'm glad you called
It's been a long time
Yeah, I'm doin' okay
And I hear he's fine
No, we're not together
Don't apologize
It don't bother me
Given the chance I'd do it all again
Even knowin' how the story ends
I lost a love but gained a friend
So it's all in how you look at things


It's not a sad endin'
Just a new beginnin'
It ain't a love lost
But a lesson learned
And when a storm had passed
There was a rainbow waitin' on me
It was a sure sign the key to life
Isn't always in black or white
It's all in how you look at things

2nd Verse

I know it seems to you
That I'm the strong one
Knowin' all my heart had to overcome
You said if it were you
When it were said and done
You'd be on your knees
The truth be told
At first I thought
My whole world was gonna fall apart
'Til my mind convinced my heart
It's all in how you look at things

(Repeat Chorus)


Yeah, it's all in how you look at things
Yeah, it's all in how you look at things

Yeah, it's all in how you look at things
Yeah, it's all in how you look at things

video  "Angels In Waiting" by Tammy Cochran (Tammy Cochran/Jim McBride/Stewart Harris)

1st Verse

We camped out on the livin' room floor
In our old sleepin' bags
By a make believe fire
In our tent made of covers
We'd talk for hours
My two brothers and me
Keepin' the faith
Racin' with destiny


They were angels in waiting
Waiting for wings to fly from this world
Away from their pain
Treasuring time
'Til time came to leave
Leave them behind
Sweet memories
Angels in waiting
Angels in waiting for wings

2nd Verse

They always knew
They'd never grow old
Sometimes the body is weaker than the soul
In their darkest hour
I made a promise
I will always keep
I'll give them life
I'll let them live through me

(Chorus Out)

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