Sugarland listen  "Tennessee" by Sugarland (Kristen Hall/Kristian Bush/David LaBruyere)

1st Verse

It ain't often I take time
To answer calls on the request line
But this one says we're his best last chance
So all you people in radioland
Turn it up loud, loud as you can
Help to carry these words from a desperate man


Do you believe in love
And that we were meant to be
Two words can free us
So repeat them after me, "I do"
From a boy in love
To a girl called Tennessee

2nd Verse

It's always scary when you find true love
It hits like lightnin' from high above
And you might only get one chance to say

(Repeat Chorus)


Well, he got scared and let her slip away
Now he knows he's not afraid
I'll put him on the air
In case she's listenin' somewhere

3rd Verse

So take it to heart
Keep it in mind
Try to reach out through the telephone line
Caller, you're on the air
Say it so she hears

(Chorus Out)

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