listen video  "Settlin'" by Sugarland (Tim Owens/Jennifer Nettles/Kristian Bush)

1st Verse

Fifteen minutes left to throw me together
For Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Forever
Don't know why I even try when I know how it ends
Lookin' like another "maybe we could be friends"

Pre Chorus

I been leavin' it up to fate
It's my life so it's mine to make


I ain't settlin'
For just gettin' by
I've had enough so-so
For the rest 'a my life
Tired 'a shootin' too low
So raise the bar high
Just enough ain't enough this time
I ain't settlin'
For anything less than everythang (yeah)

2nd Verse

With some good red wine and my brand new shoes
Gonna dance a blue streak around my livin' room
Take a chance on love and try how it feels
With my heart wide open, yeah, you know I will

Pre Chorus

Find what it means to be the girl
Who changed her mind and changed the world

(Chorus Out)

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