Sugarland listen  "Fly Away" by Sugarland (Kristian Bush/Kristen Hall/Corri English/Billy Gewin)

1st Verse

Oh, I swear this town
Gets smaller every day
And I'm waitin' for my chance
I'm gonna break away
I'm so sick and tired of bein' told
What's good for me
People got lots of ideas
Of who I'm supposed to be


(Angel(s)), carry me, oh so far away
May my body never touch the ground
And if I promise you I'll be back someday
Will you set me free so I can fly away
Fly away, fly away

2nd Verse

Well, most folks here
Well, they don't dig too deep
They can't dream too big, mmm hmmm
'Cause they got fields to keep
I could walk away and leave behind my family
Or get buried alive in this legacy

(Repeat Chorus)


I wanna sleep under a different piece of sky
(Sleep under the sky)
I wanna live a little bit before I die
(Live before I die)
I wanna be so close to Heaven I see...

(Chorus Out)

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