listen video  "Everyday America" by Sugarland (Lisa Carver/Jennifer Nettles/Kristian Bush)

1st Verse

Grew up on a tightrope
Learned to smile even when I was fallin' down
Daddy had a hard hand, and Mama always had hope
And me and my sister couldn't wait to get out

2nd Verse

I fell in love out of college
A good man, but a bad year
Visions of sugar plums and boxes 'a roses
All my girl friends cried, and I was outta here


Oh ooh oh, everybody's dreamin' big
Oh ooh oh, but everybody's just gettin' by
That's how it goes in everyday America
A little town and a great big life
(I don't need know 'bout the life)

3rd Verse

Joey stares at a trophy
Took us all the way to State back in '85
A shinin' moment and a dusty reminder
He never felt so scared, he never felt so alive

4th Verse

'Cause now there's toys in the back yard
Daddy's boys, yeah, you know how they like to fight
When they sing, he swears they are angels
And he wouldn't trade a day for all those Friday nights

(Repeat Chorus)


And we can laugh
We can cry
We're all just lookin' for the reasons why
We face the dark 'til we see the light
Either way it'll be all right

(Chorus Out)

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