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Malibu Storm
"The Bird Song" by Malibu Storm (Buzz Cason/Neil Thrasher)

1st Verse

There's a half-dressed momma
Runnin' through a front yard
Wavin' a briefcase hollerin'
There's a mailman stumblin' to his truck
With a dog on his leg
That sure could use a collarin'
I know there's times that you
Wish I had no point of view

2nd Verse

I can see two skinned-knee'd boys
Down at the creek
Smokin' Daddy's cigarette butts
Down there there's a man cussin' me
'Cause he just got his car
All washed and waxed up
I ain't done nothin' wrong
I'm just a bird singin' my song


Lookin' down in the world below
Here they come, and there they go
I'm a people watcher
It's been a hobby of mine for quite some time
And I might go out on a limb
Just to get a better look at them, oh yeah
A little too close
Better fly away
(Fly away)

4th Verse

There's a 'See Rock City' bird house
Where I like to hang out
But Johnny shoots BB's
And Mrs. Cole's got a cement bowl
Where I'd love to take a bath
But the cat might eat me
So I just stay up here
At least until the coast is clear
La, la, la

(Repeat Chorus)


There's a million stories I can tell
Some of them I keep to myself
Just remember, whatever you do
Somebody's lookin' over you

(Chorus Out)

video  "Photograph" by Malibu Storm (Stephen Clark/Joseph Elliott/Robert Lange/Richard Savage/Peter Willis)

1st Verse

I'm outta luck, outta love
Got a photograph picture of
Passion killer, you're too much
You're the only one I want to touch

I see your face every time I dream
In every page of a magazine
So wild and free, so far from me
You're all I want, my fantasy


Oh oh, look what you've done to this crowd
Oh oh, look what you've done
I gotta have you
I don't want your photograph
I don't need your photograph
Well, all I got is a photograph

2nd Verse

I'd be your lover if you were there
Put your hurt on me if you dare
Someone, you got style
You make everyone feel like a child

Oh, you've got some kinda hold on me
You're all wrapped up in mystery
So wild and free, so far from me
You're all I want, my fantasy

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


Photograph, I'm outta love
Photograph, I'm outta touch
You're the only one
Photograph, I'm outta touch

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