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It's A Woman Thing
"Scarecrow Dance" by Sherry Lynn (Denny Carr/Larry Haack)

1st Verse

Near a little ol' farmin' town
A farmer and his daughter
Worked a parched field
In the hot summer sun
As he cursed the dry weather
And the passin' of his wife
His daughter said,
'Daddy, now don't worry none

Pre Chorus

Mama taught me a song
Last night in a dream
She said if I sing it
And only believe
When that scarecrow starts dancin'
God'll make it rain
So she sat in that field
For two weeks straight'


(Singin') dance scarecrow dance
This town's all but dried up
Better get movin'
Let's scare up some clouds
Won't you kick up a storm
And send your magic in you
Oh, dance scarecrow dance
Make the rain come down (yeah)
(Make the rain come down)

2nd Verse

Her daddy said, 'This ain't right
The townfolk are talkin'
I'm gonna burn that scarecrow
Down to the ground
As they both stood there watchin'
The flames grew higher
The wind started blowin'
And the sky filled with clouds

Pre Chorus

And it came down in buckets
And the fire died away
As that scarecrow danced
To Mother Nature's ballet
And that field turned alive
And her daddy broke down
Put an end to disbelievin'
And six months of drought

(Chorus Out)

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