listen video  "I'm Taking The Wheel" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/John Shanks)

1st Verse

I slam the door a thousand times
What's mine is mine
What's yours is mine
It's a long drive uphill
Sit back, I'm takin' the wheel

2nd Verse

So many highs, so many lows
You move too quick to ever show
Exactly how you feel
So I'm takin' the wheel


Everybody says it can't be done (everybody)
We drive each other crazy
But you're still the one (still the one)
(You make it) (It's so) hard to stay
Harder to run

3rd Verse

You and me we're quite a pair
We make a mess out of thin air
'Cause you know I love you still
So I'm takin' the wheel

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)


It's a knock-down, drag-out fight (drag-out fight)
Tongue-tied and twisted
We can go all night (we can go all night)
You're comin' with me
And here's the deal
Baby, slide on over (slide on over)
(I'm takin' the wheel, yeah)


So many roads we've left to take
So much history to make
We bend, but we don't break

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

Tag Chorus

And even this crazy tug-of-war (crazy tug-of-war)
Only makes me want you more (makes me want you more)
You're comin' with me
That's how I feel
Baby, slide on over (slide on over)
I'm takin' the wheel
Oh, yeah

(Repeat 1st Verse)

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