listen video  "In Terms Of Love" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/Don Schlitz)

1st Verse

Now and then I confess you cross my mind
Now and then I guess I have a little too much time
I've changed my way of thinking
I've tried hard to separate
What came too soon from what came too late


I don't think about me in terms of you
I don't think about you in terms of us
I don't think about us in terms of love
I don't think about then in terms of now
I found a way to start again somehow
I don't think about what we thought it was
Oh, in terms of love
(Oh, in terms of love)

2nd Verse

I'm countin' on Heaven to understand
I didn't mean to go and mess up all the plans
Sometimes you know where you should go
Before you know the way
I'll bother with tomorrow
Once I've made it through today

(Repeat Chorus)


I don't think about black in terms of gray
Or revelations in the light of day
I don't think about cold in terms of ice
Or second chances happ'nin' twice

(Chorus Out)

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