listen  "Whatever It Takes" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/John Shanks/Sheryl Crow)

1st Verse

Up all night
Thinkin' 'bout the day
You pull me a'close
Then you push me away
You could keep pretending
You've got everything you need
But I don't give up so easily


Whatever it takes
I'm gonna try
Whatever it takes
Day or night
I'll climb up that mountain
I'll touch the sky
Everything all in one day
(Oh, yeah)
(Yea, yeah, yea, yeah yeah)
(Whatever it takes)

2nd Verse

Life gets hard
Nothin's ever free
You don't believe
In the things you can't see
But every now and then
We need someone to pull us through
And maybe that someone is you

(Repeat Chorus)


It's not in my mind
I can feel it
Love will unwind
This is real
I'm not going away, hey
You can wonder
But I'm willing to stay (to stay)


Up all night, hmm
Thinkin' 'bout the day
You pull me close
And know just what to say

(Chorus Out)

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