"Stranded" by SHeDAISY (Jason Deere/Kristyn Osborn)

1st Verse

Well, that about wraps it up
You told me it wasn't love you were feeling
I slammed doors
'Cause I could just kick myself
I need more than a little help getting through this


(Feelin' like)
(I'm) stranded on the side of the road
Nothin' to show
Nowhere to go
Baby, I've been stranded on the side of life's road
Somebody shake me and wake me
Take me home

2nd Verse

It kills me
That I could'a saved me some time
I pulled a few stars outta line
Just to please you
Well, excuse me
What happened to my common sense
It's like it just hopped the fence
Left me standing

(Repeat Chorus)


You always said there'd come a day
You'd find a way to prove the world was flat
Well here's my proof you told the truth
'Cause I watched you fall right off the map

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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