SHeDAISY listen  "Shame" by SHeDAISY (Melanie Doane/Richard Neigher/Kristyn Osborn)


Shame, shame, shame
Should'a let it go too far
Oh shame, shame, shame
Should've opened up my heart

1st Verse

Well, there you go
In the wrong direction
Here I am
Right where I've always been
I'm missin' my connection again, again


Shame, shame, shame
Should'a let it go too far
(Should'a let it go too far)
Oh shame (shame), shame, shame
I should've opened up my heart
Yeah, you were right within my reach
Somethin' any other fool could see (fool could see)
Shame, shame, shame on me

2nd Verse

I found my nerve
Guess where it was hiding
Crumpled up underneath the kitchen sink
(ooh, ooh, ooh)
A little late, I didn't read the writing
But I read a romance novel instead
Now I can't (now I can't)
Can't get you outta my head
Oh, I'll know now

(Repeat Chorus)


(Your lips, your)
Your lips, your fingertips
Your sun-kissed hair
(Oh, I've seen the pieces)
I've seen the pieces of you everywhere
You're everywhere
Shame (shame), shame (shame), shame
Should've let it go too far, whoa

(Chorus Out)

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