"What Do I Do Now?" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/Connie Harrington/Tim Nichols)

1st Verse

This ain't as hard as I thought it would be
It's harder
It's just the sound of nobody but me
For starters
I didn't know, I didn't know it all
Didn't see the fine print written on the wall


What do I do now?
(Oh) I can do whatever I want to
What do I do now
With the other side of the bed
(And) how do I spend those long Sunday afternoons
Now that the slate is clean
And the closet's all cleared out (cleared out)
What do I do now?
(Yeah) (oh, oh)
(What do I do now?)
(Yeah, yeah) (oh, oh)

2nd Verse

I got some friends who wanna fix me up
Do I let 'em?
Pack up the pictures and throw them away
And forget 'em
Redecorate or take a trip somewhere
Or change the color of these walls
Or the color 'a my hair

(Repeat Chorus)


I'm a little anxious
A little relieved
I'm a little cynical
A little naive
It makes it kinda hard to figure
Makes it kinda hard to figure out

(Chorus Out)

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