listen  "If You Don't Give Much" by SHeDAISY (Connie Harrington/Kristyn Osborn/Jann Arden Richards)

1st Verse

I can't believe you had the gall
To sell off my first guitar
Laura found it on the Internet
She said you wanted way too much
She offered you five hundred bucks
And just like you, you took what you could get


And you won't get much if you don't give much
If you don't have zip, then that's why
Then what you've got is all you've got
It's a lot of nothing nice
If you don't give much (yeah yeah)
Then you don't get much (yeah yeah)
(If you don't give much (yeah yeah))
(Then you don't get much (yeah yeah))

2nd Verse

I guess you've grown accustom to
The keyhole you've been peeking through
What a narrow way of looking at your life
Always blamin' someone else
For what you should have done yourself
Dreams aren't gonna drop out of the sky

(Repeat Chorus)


Looking back, it makes me laugh
I'm lucky I slipped through the cracks
After all, that's how the light gets in

(Chorus Out)
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