listen  "When The Morning Comes" by SHeDAISY (Jason Deere/Kristyn Osborn)

1st Verse

I'm afraid
When the sun comes up
Like fading stars above
I'll lose your love
I know it's strong
'Cause it's not like me
This insecurity won't let me be


So I just kiss you softly as you sleep
In your arms still holdin' me
And I pray in the silence
What has become one
Won't come undone
Won't come undone
(When the mornin' comes)

2nd Verse

I wonder what I'll find
And if you change your mind
Baby, please be kind
'Cause I'm afraid
Of what you might not say
And my heart of clay
Will soften just to wash away

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


I'm afraid
It was all a dream
And your kiss is just the mornin' breeze

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