listen  "Out Of My Mind" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/John Shanks)

1st Verse

I live on caffeine, Camus
Eagles and aeroplanes
I decorate my lies with butterflies
They glimmer in the shimmering rain
They say you can't lose 'em all
But I'll sure give it a shot


I want more than enough, yeah
I want more
I want more than enough
When enough is all I got


The truth is so unkind
But I'm good when I'm outta sight
Best when I'm outta my mind
And don't know what you'll find
But (I'm) good when I'm out of sight
Best when I'm outta my mind

2nd Verse

I'm afraid of fallin' upwards
I'm afraid of my own age
I'm a paragon with an apron on
And I'm beautiful on an empty page
Buried in a dresser drawer
Is a rusted, ravaged heart


And the piercing regrets, yeah
They pierce me
All the piercing regrets
And false starts

(Repeat Chorus)


I can be as strong as morphine
I can lay my head down where I kneel
Sometimes I need a broken bone
To remind me how to feel

(Repeat Chorus)


Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

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