"Everything But Me" by SHeDAISY (Kristen Hall/Kristyn Osborn/Jann Arden Richards)

1st Verse

Nothin' to be sorry for
If sorry isn't what you are
Thanks for nothing
Much of what, what you did
Didn't mean anything
I'm not broken up about it


Snapshots of your perfect life
Your spray-on tan, your trophy wife
Is it everything you thought it would be (yeah)
(Is it everything, was it even anything)
Velvet ropes in Gucci glasses (yeah)
Bigger houses, greener grasses (yeah, yeah)
Everything you thought you'd ever need
Everything but me

2nd Verse

You smile the smile, dance the dance
Arm in arm with sycophants
Aren't you somethin'
More than what you think you are
Maserati superstar
I'm just wond'rin' who you're foolin'

(Repeat Chorus)


I've been tryin' to forgive and forget
(I've been tryin' to forgive and forget)
Oh, it's gotta feel good
To have almost everything (but me)

(Repeat Chorus)


Everything but me
Oh oh, everything but me
(Nothing to be sorry for)
(Thanks for nothin')
And foolin' me
(Nothing to be sorry for)
No, no, no, no, no
(Thanks for nothin')