SHeDAISY listen video  "God Bless The American Housewife" by SHeDAISY (Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom)

1st Verse

Look at me, I'm gorgeous in my houscoat with my coffee cup
I bend to get the paper, every neighbor's tryin' to check me out
Look at me, I'm lovely as I wave beside my minivan
Look at how my diamonds seem to sparkle on the garbage can


God bless the American housewife
How she does it all I'll never know
God bless the American housewife
She could use a miracle (for sure) (she could use a miracle)
God bless the American housewife
Cleanin' up the world for you and me
God bless the American housewife
(Ah ah ah ah ah)

2nd Verse

Look at how my children play Commando in the cul-de-sac
Look at how my husband has survived another heart attack
Look at all the other mothers envious of all my things
Have to call the plummer 'cause my daughter flushed my wedding ring

(Repeat Chorus)


Look at me, I'm beautiful and glamorous in rubber gloves
Look how my tiara can be bent back to the shape it was
I can do the laundry and make dinner while I'm on the phone
Look at me, I'm sexy as the devil when I mow the lawn

(Chorus Out)

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