listen  "She Gets What I Deserve" by SHeDAISY (Kristyn Osborn/Connie Harrington)

1st Verse

She doesn't know me by name
But I know everything about her
She likes to work in her rose garden
And vacation in New Hampshire
She gets him every holiday
And every Sunday afternoon
By eight she tucks his babies in
I know she loves him like I do
And I wanted to call her so many times
But I never found the nerve
She gets what I deserve
Ooh, yeah

2nd Verse

It's not the way that I planned
Just the right man, the wrong time
Even the moments he's holdin' me
I know he's not really mine
When I peer into the windows
Of the home, I'm torn apart
I can't help but wonder
What ever happened to my heart
Such an uninvited lesson
I never meant to learn
She gets what I deserve


I can't whitewash my excuses
I can't cover up the stain
I can't give back what I've taken
I should be the one to bear the pain
I just pray that God forgives me
For what I've done to her
She gets what I deserve
She gets what I deserve

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