"People In Cars" by SHeDAISY (Connie Harrington/Kristyn Osborn/Jann Arden Richards)

1st Verse

Have you ever stopped to wonder
Have you ever even pondered
Who the guy is
Sittin' there behind the wheel

2nd Verse

Waiting for the light to change
You catch each other's eyes
It's strange the things you think of
When you got the time to kill

Pre Chorus

Is someone waiting for him 'cross the bridge ahead
Or is he wond'rin' what it feels like to drive off the edge
Is he runnin' for his life somewhere in Vietnam
While he's sippin' from a Pepsi with his seat belt on


People in cars (people in cars)
People in cars (people in cars)
We're (just) (all) people in cars (people)
People in cars

3rd Verse

I look into my rear view mirror
Just in time to clearly see her
Wipe the black streak
#82;ollin' down her pretty cheek

Pre Chorus

Is she cryin' 'cause he doesn't love her anymore
Or laughin' 'bout the dream she had the night before
Is she worried 'bout her babies and the mounds of debt
As she lights another Salem menthol cigarette

(Repeat Chorus)


Just tryin' to get somewhere
Somewhere from here to there
Down this matchbox road (people in cars)
Lookin' through our tinted windows
Can they see that late November I just lost my Dad
Or yesterday's the best day that I ever had
Can they tell I'm lost again and almost outta gas
And they see a bit of me in them when I drive past

(Repeat Chorus)

Tag Chorus

We're just people in cars (just tryin' to get somewhere)
People, we're all people (just tryin' to get somewhere)
Just tryin' to get somewhere
Just tryin' to get somewhere
We're tryin' (we're tryin')
We're tryin' (we're tryin')
We're just tryin' (we're tryin')