listen  "Bucket Full Of Beautiful" by SHeDAISY (Connie Harrington/Kristyn Osborn/Jann Arden Richards)

1st Verse

Head under the pillow
No wonder you're not breathin'
You know you got a million reasons
Get up, tell your toes the happy news
You got somethin' better to do


Just make your mind up
You don't wanna wind up
Wishing for wishes with no pennies to throw
Go dream your heart out
Watch it all fall down
That bucket full 'a beautiful (yeah)
(That bucket full 'a beautiful)
(Oh, that bucket full 'a beautiful)

2nd Verse

The fortune in the cookie
Is just a piece 'a paper
Life is a waiting elevator
Climb in (climb in)
And I'll take you for a ride
Up or down, you get to decide

(Repeat Chorus)


(Bump, bump, bump)
Well, take off the bubble wrap, baby
Yeah, don'cha be afraid of the bump
Bump, bump, bumps
Take a walk in the sunshine, Shady
And just maybe you will get what you want (want)

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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