SHeDAISY listen  "Almost Always" by SHeDAISY (Blair Daly/Jason Sellers)

1st Verse

So what, you packed up
Picked up your love and left
I can pick up fifty channels on the TV set
I've got ten toenails
I can paint a nice shade of pink

2nd Verse

But when that fun's done in a second or two
I kinda sorta maybe start missin' you
So I crank up the radio
To drown out the thoughts I think


Almost always (almost always)
You never cross my mind (almost always)
Almost always (almost always)
(I never cry) I never cry (I never cry)
Every other minute
I'm strong as I can be
It's just those lonely minutes in between
But I'm doin' okay
Almost always

3rd Verse

Just because I let the dog sleep on the bed
Doesn't mean I'm wishin' you were here instead
Whisperin' sweet words
Lyin' all close to me

4th Verse

Yeah, I don't dream about you (I don't dream about you)
'Cause I lie awake
I always thought sleep was over-rated anyway
I find most (of) the time
(I'm) as over you as I'll ever be

(Chorus Out)

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