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listen  "Just One" by Lisa Schaffer (Lisa Schaffer)

1st Verse

Crowd gathered 'round a school bus
3rd Street at Elm
The neighbor man said, 'Officer,
I caught it all on film
I watched my little grandson
Come so close to death
By that man standin' right there
With liquor on his breath'

2nd Verse

Another little boy wasn't so lucky
He was lyin' there in the street
His little lifeless body
Beneath the yellow sheet
While the young man was on the sidewalk
Goin' through a sobriety check
The crowd was turnin' into a lynch mob
When he raised up his hands and said,


'I only had just one
I swear that's the truth
That kid came outta nowhere
There was nothin' I could do
I couldn't swerve, I couldn't stop
Now here I am askin' God
What have I done?
I only had just one'

3rd Verse

A young momma burst through the crowd
Pulled back that yellow sheet
Collapsed and started shakin' uncontrollably
Searched until she found that young man
With her shattered eyes
Then tore a hole into his soul
As she screamed and cried,

Tag Chorus

'I only had just one
And you took him away
I hope this is somethin'
You relive every day
You could'a swerved and you could'a stopped
But you didn't, now look, my God
What have you done?
I only had just one
I only had just one'

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