Sara Evans "Restless" by Sara Evans (Jeremy Stover/Willie Mack)

1st Verse

I'm a leaf on the river
Fallen from the tall oak tree
Driftin' down this movin' stream
Wherever this life carries me
I'm a tumbleweed
In the desert wind
Just tumblin'
While the sun's shinin'
I have no boundaries
Call me a gypsy


I'm restless
Just 'a ramblin'
What do you do, where do you go
When nowhere feels like home
I'm restless

2nd Verse

Am I an angel
Fallen from Heaven's grace
Oh, it feels like that some days
And I can't find my place
I guess God just made some of us
To live and die by highway dust
Guess I just have to trust
On the days I'm crawlin'
This is my callin'

(Repeat Chorus)


Oh, to hold somebody close that cares
Oh, to finally find some roots somewhere
I know someday I'll find that it's out there
But until then, I'll just keep movin'

(Chorus Out)

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