listen video  "Low" by Sara Evans

Sara Evans
1st Verse

Yeah yeah
Like your dreams are meant to fly
Like a bird up in the sky
Just like Heaven's somewhere above the clouds
I was made to raise my voice
Lift my hands up and rejoice
Just like Jesus, they couldn't keep him down

2nd Verse

I like the way your mama felt
The very first time you were held
The way your daddy still looks at your mama now
Ain't that the way that love should be
Gets you high, makes you believe
There's nothin' in this world can get us down


(Oh) (I'm gonna) roll this stone away
(Live my life my way)
(Let the light shine on my face)
(And) stand up on my faith
Just like (just like)
The sun rises every day
The tide is gonna change
You can't keep me low
(No, you can't keep me low)

3rd Verse

Now when my worries seem too big
I'm gonna dance like David did
'Cause Hallelujah, I am glory-bound
No, I won't be afraid
When trouble gets in my face
I'll turn my back and stomp that Devil down

(Repeat Chorus)


I won't let my dreams get buried
Even when I'm feelin' down
I won't linger in the darkness
I'll be walkin' out

(Chorus Out)
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