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Sorry 'Bout The Mess
listen  "Sorry 'Bout The Mess" by The Roosters (David Brainard/Daniel Couch/Craig Monday)

1st Verse

Come on in
What the heck
As long as you don't mind this place
Lookin' like a train wreck
I ain't had the time
To straighten up 'round here
So try not to step on the broken picture frames
And the empty cans of beer
Just take a look around
If you're wonderin' how I've been
This disaster all reflects
The state of mind I'm in


Welcome to my life
Sorry 'bout the mess
I ain't had it together
Ever since she left
If you wanna stay awhile
Then be my guest
Welcome to my life
Make yourself at home
Sorry 'bout the mess

2nd Verse

The night she walked out
I kinda lost my grip
Is why the hole there in that wall's
The size of my fist
If I break down
Start tearin' up
Well, don't mind me
That's just my way of dealin'
With her memory
And I know I should move on
Clean up my act
But I can't find the motivation, Lord
She ain't comin' back

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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