Rushlow Harris
listen  "That's So You" by Rushlow Harris (Tim James/Kelly Garrett)

1st Verse

You're no ordinary day
You're like a sunbeam in the rain
So wonderfully out of place
You're a detour off the map
You match clothes that shouldn't match
And you sell it all with your style
And it makes me smile


And I can see
A world I never knew (world I never knew)
I'm finding a deeper blue
Sparklin' in your eyes
Yeah, I just come alive
And I'm intrigued by your every mood (by your every mood)
The things only you would do
The things you don't see
You say it's just me
That's so you
(Baby, that's so you)
(Yeah, that's so you)
(That's so you)

2nd Verse

You're blessed with luck I can't explain
You bet a horse 'cause you liked its name
And man, if it didn't win
Your new tattoo says, 'Love Rules'
You're like Haggard, Jones, and June
You say life is all about trust
And you say that's us

(Repeat Chorus)


You're more than fascination (more than fascination)
My imagination could ever dream

(Repeat Chorus)

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