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Big Shiny Cars
listen video  "That Train Don't Run" by PinMonkey (Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison)

1st Verse

She ran hard, she ran fast
A fallen angel on a weekend pass
Never looked forward, never looked back
A blaze of glory down a one-way track


I hear the whistle
I hear the rumble around 2 a.m. outside my door
Must be her mem'ry rattlin' the shutters
'Cause that train don't run by here no more

2nd Verse

We went rollin' in our wild, wild days
She kept on goin' but I changed my ways
Now I'm a good boy, I do what's right
Still sometimes in the middle of the night

(Repeat Chorus)


I lie and listen to the last boxcar
Sweet dreams, baby, wherever you are

(Chorus Out)

listen  "Down" by PinMonkey (Dolly Parton)

1st Verse

Spent all my money on everyone else
I just kept handin' it out right and left
They didn't appreciate none of my help
I have found

2nd Verse

I had me a girl
I was so much in love
But she just walked off after usin' me up
I cried like a baby
It hurt me so much
And I'm down
Yeah, I'm just down


I know that I'm down, but I'm bound to get up
I just need some time
A little streak of good luck
And you know that it's rough
When you're bitin' the dust like I am
You try to do right
But tell me where does that get you
(People) (Lovers) just use you
And then they forget you
Well, it won't take me long
To get my feet back on solid ground
I'm just down
(I'm just down)

3rd Verse

When I get my life back in order again
Well, I'll still be willin' to help out my friends
And if you need somebody
On which to depend
Look around

4th Verse

I'll be spendin' my money on everyone else
Yeah, I'll just be handin' it out right and left
I'll find a new love
I won't live by myself
I'm just down now
I'm just down

(Repeat Chorus)


You'll never keep me
You'll never keep me
You'll never keep me down, again now
You can't keep me
No, you'll never keep me
You can't keep me down

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