Todd O'Neill

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Real Life
listen  "Can I Come Over Tonight" by Todd O'Neill

1st Verse

The traffic was bad
On my way home from work today
And it gave me time to think about things
How they ain't been goin' my way

Pre Chorus

I come home to an empty house
Kick off my shoes and I hit the couch
I'm tired of eatin' supper all by myself


Can I come over tonight
I'm tossin' and I'm turnin'
y eyes are red and burnin'
'Cause I can't sleep
I could use a shoulder tonight
(There's things I'd like to mention)
I've got no bad intentions
(There's things I'd like to mention)
If I could come over tonight
(Let me come over tonight)
(Oooh yeah, come over tonight)

2nd Verse

It's happy hour just down the street
At the local lounge
But what I need I know it won't be
At the bottom of a bottle of Crown

Pre Chorus

If conversation is all we had
Tomorrow we won't feel so bad
Misery loves company, they say

(Chorus Out)