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listen video  "What If It All Goes Right" by Melissa Lawson (Tania Hancheroff/Tammy Hyler/Shaye Smith)

1st Verse

What if that road that you're takin's a dead end
What if love leaves you all jaded and broken
What if that limb breaks you're climbing out on
Yeah, what if it all goes wrong


(But) what if it all goes right
What if it all works out
What if the stars line up
And good luck rains down
What if you chase your dream
And it changes your whole life
Yeah, what if it all goes right
(What if it all goes right)

2nd Verse

What if that road is a beautiful slow drive
What if that love ends up lasting a lifetime
What if that limb holds you oak tree strong
What if this time nothin' goes wrong

(Repeat Chorus)


What if you climb to the mountaintop
And touch the sky
Grab a cloud as it passes by
You might fall
You might fall
But then again, you might fly

(Chorus Out)

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