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Middle America
listen  "Bonfire" by Mark McKinney (Mark McKinney)

Spoken Intro

One, two, three, four

1st Verse

Well, I can try tender
Where we went wrong
I'm sure that it would
Make a great country song
But I wouldn't want
To have to rehash it
Every time I sang along

2nd Verse

Well, I been drinkin' every night
To numb my pain
Some would say it a hundred proof
Could fuel a flame
You strike a match
And your thoughts will ignite
It's the way you dumped me
Well, it just ain't right


(I'm gonna) (You gotta) light a bonfire
And burn it to the ground
Stack it high with bad memories
(And) (Then) all the things that let 'ya down
You gotta light a bonfire
And burn it to the ground
Let 'em go all those broken dreams
And the nightmare'll be hell-bound
(All right)

3rd Verse

Lord, 'ya know I loved you
But I still got burned
You never see it comin'
That's a lesson I learned
It could blind-side 'ya so damn quick
Hits 'ya like a ton 'a bricks

4th Verse

Well, I finally figured out
You just let it go
Like ashes in the wind
You just let 'em blow
You torch those mem'ries
You know what I mean
A flick of your lighter
And some mental gasoline

(Repeat Chorus)


Let fire in your mind
Burn hot as the sun
Take a couple shots 'a whiskey
Hell, just for fun
One more thing
Yeah, I'm talkin' some trash
Before I torch your memory
Well, kiss my ass

(Repeat Chorus)


Some guitar
Light a bonfire