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That's What I'm Talkin' About
listen  "American Boys" by Kim McAbee (Michael Dulaney/Chris Farren/Josh Leo)

1st Verse

Catchin' the wave
On a sunny day in San Diego
Ridin' the bull in a rodeo in Amarillo

2nd Verse

Skiin' the slopes
In a foot of snow up in the Rockies
Walkin' down the avenue
In a three-piece suit in New York City

Pre Chorus

North or South or East or West
Can't decide who I like best


American boys, oh yeah
(Oh) you don't know what (you don't know what)
You do to me
American boys, oh yeah
Oh, I think about 'em constantly
Can't help but fall in love with you
Red hot, true blue, genuine American boys
(Oh, yeah)

3rd Verse

Drivin' in a Cadillac
In a cowboy hat in faded Levi's
I'll put a black tie on
And dance 'til dawn to Ol' Blue Eyes

Pre Chorus

The way they look, the way they kiss
I admit I can't resist

(Repeat Chorus)


I been around the world
I'm such a lucky girl
'Cause I live right here

(Chorus Out)

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