Lonestar "Unusually Unusual" by LoneStar (Mark McGuinn)


She's unusually unusual

1st Verse

She introduced herself as Amy, said 'call me Caroline for short'
She said 'I just moved in three doors down so I wouldn't be the girl next door'
And I knew the shoes she wasn't wearin' 'a fit her just right
And she said 'Hey man, did you know
Somebody left the grass out in the yard all night'


She's unusually unusual
Absolutely unpredictable, yes she is
She's so different, and that's what's wonderful, whoa whoa yeah
She's unusually unusual
And that's beautiful to me (oh oh)
(Oh, that's good enough for me)

2nd Verse

She had a tattoo 'bove her ankle of a Trident submarine
She said it symbolizes awesome powers
Hidden deep within our dreams
And her diamond eyes, differing in color
Held me captive in their light
And she said 'Hey man, did you know we used to be brothers
Yeah, in some past life'

(Repeat Chorus)


Some people may think she's strange
A different cup 'a tea
But she just does it for me

(Chorus Out)

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