Lonestar video  "Smile" by Lonestar (Chris Lindsey/Keith Follese)

1st Verse

I still remember the night we met
You said you loved my smile
But your love for me was like a summer breeze
Oh, it lasted for a while
I could hold on a little tighter, I know
But when you love someone
You gotta let 'em go, so


I'm gonna smile
'Cause I want to make you happy
(So you can find the courage)
Laugh, so you can't see me cry
(Laugh, so you won't see me hurtin')
I'm gonna let you go in style
And even if it kills me
I'm gonna smile

2nd Verse

Kiss me once for 'em good times, baby
Kiss me twice for goodbye
You can't help how you don't feel
And it doesn't matter why
Give me a chance to bow out gracefully
'Cause that's how I want you to remember me

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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