Lonestar listen  "Class Reunion (That Used To Be Us)" by Lonestar (Richie McDonald/Frank Myers/Don Pfrimmer)

1st Verse

Well, I rode into town
With the ragtop down
I was 'a lookin' for that homecoming queen
That three-by-nine lit hotel sign read
Welcome back, Class of '83
There were football guys twice their size
Cheerleaders hidin' the grey in their hair
The names were the same, but the faces had changed
I didn't recognize anyone there


That used to be us
We used to be cool
With the music cranked up
Hangin' out after school
That used to be Jill
That used to be Joe
Tell me where in the world did we all go
That used to be us
(Oh, that used to be us)

2nd Verse

Had a drink with some buds
Played a lotta catchup
Danced with my date from prom
But as hard as I tried
'Til I closed my eyes
Everybody I knew was gone
There was Mr. Finch
He taught English and French
He was dancin' with a couple of canes
And that homecoming queen
Yeah, the girl of my dreams
She didn't even remember my name

(Repeat Chorus)


As I stand here and look around
I can't help but wonder
Who we'll be ten years from now

(Chorus Out)

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