Lonestar video  "My Front Porch Looking In" by Lonestar (Richie McDonald/Frank Myers/Don Pfrimmer)

1st Verse

The only ground I ever owned was stickin' to my shoes
Now, I look out my front porch at this panoramic view
I can sit and watch the fields fill up with rays of golden sun
Or watch the moon lay on the fences like that's where it was hung
My blessings are in front of me, it's not about the land
I'll never beat the view from my front porch lookin' in


There's a carrot-top that can barely walk
With a sippy cup of milk
A little blue-eyed blonde with shoes on wrong
'Cause she likes to dress herself
And the most beautiful girl holdin' both of them
Yeah, the view I love the most
Is my front porch lookin' in (yeah, yeah)

2nd Verse

I've traveled here and everywhere followin' my job
I've seen the paintings from the air, brushed by the hand of God
The mountains and the canyons reach from sea to shinin' sea
But I can't wait to get back home to the one he made for me
'Cause anywhere I'll ever go and everywhere I've been
Nothin' takes my breath away like my front porch lookin' in

(Repeat Chorus)


I see what beautiful is about
When I'm lookin' in
Not when I'm lookin' out

(Chorus Out)

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