Lonestar "Don't Let's Talk About Lisa" by Lonestar (Don Henry/Benmont Tench)


(But) Don't let's talk about Lisa
Don't let's even start (no, no)
Let's leave Lisa out of this one
(Don't let's talk about Lisa, please sir)
Lisa broke my heart

1st Verse

Gwendolyn was splendid
But her tendency to spendin'
Spun a little out of control
Two nights on the town
And my poor bank account
Was crawlin' around on the floor
And pretty young Alicia
She could take a piece of your heart
And lead you to the height
Lucy, Melinda, Loretta, and Lucinda
We can go on all night

(Repeat Chorus)

2nd Verse

Priscilla was a killer
Meaner than Godzilla
But oh, what a pretty girl
And Dawn in the dawn with the pom poms on
She could twirl like a tilt-a-whirl
There's wonderful women all over the world
I've said it again and again
But she whose name must not be spoken
Has it all over all of them, so

(Repeat Chorus)


You can talk about the weather, cotton or leather
And do you think the Beatles should have really gotten back together
Talk about the truth, Mantle or Ruth
Fabio, DiMaggio, or John Wilkes Booth

(Repeat Chorus)


Oh, Lisa, she's off limits, man
Lisa broke my heart, oh


That'll leave a mark


Lisa, Lisa, Lisa broke my heart

Rap over Chant

You can talk about Hanson, Marilyn Manson
And do you think they'll ever have a show down in Branson
Talk about desire, Sosa or McGwire
Is we in the fry, man, or is we in the fire
Talk about what's real, and what you really feel
And how's about those miniskirts on Ally McBeal
Talk about the X-Files, macaroons and mistrials
And did you ever snag your jacket pocket on a turnstile, oh yeah

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