listen video  "You're Like Comin' Home" by Lonestar (Brandon Kinney/Brian Dean Maher/Jeremy Stover)

1st Verse

Ridin' restless under broken sky
Weary traveler, somethin' missin' inside
Always lookin' for a reason to turn around

2nd Verse

Desperate for a little piece 'a mind
Just a little piece of what I left behind
Well, I found it now
You're like comin' home


You're like a Sunday mornin'
Pleasin' my eyes
(You're) a midsummer's dream
Under a star-soaked sky
That peaceful easy feelin'
At the end of a long, long road
You're like comin' home (yeah)
(You're like comin' home, all right)
(Baby, like comin' home)
(You're like comin' home)

3rd Verse

Go ahead and let your hair fall down
This wanderlust, it's gone now
Here in your arms
I'm safe from the world again

4th Verse

These are the days
That can't be erased
Baby, there isn't a better place
You're like Heaven
You're like comin' home

(Repeat Chorus)


You're that innocence
That serenity
That long lost part of me

(Chorus Out)

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