Lonestar listen  "What She Had To" by Lonestar (John Edwards/Garrett Parris)

1st Verse

I was three years old, sittin' in a seat
Of a Greyhound bus, my brother and me
Mama's tears fallin' like a Carolina rain
'Cause she pulled out a gun the night before
Said, 'He ain't gonna drink and hit me no more'
She pulled the trigger on my father in the moment's rage
Thank God that gun wasn't loaded


Didn't know where to go or how she'd survive
Didn't care, anywhere but there that night
As she held her babies tight (she held her babies tight)
And we rolled through the cold of the midnight blue
She was scared, she was broke, but all she knew was
She was gonna do what she had to (yeah)
(What she had to (what she had to), yeah)

2nd Verse

She got her a job and a trailer out West
It wasn't much, but she was doin' her best
Puttin' food on the table for our family
But then one day I came home from school
And my Mama was cryin' alone in her room
She said, 'I lost my job and we're gonna lose the trailer, too'
And she got that Volkswagen loaded

(Repeat Chorus)


Whenever things go wrong in my life, I just think 'a her
And what it took that night
To get on that bus in the Carolina rain

(Repeat Chorus)

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