Lonestar listen  "Always In The Band" by Lonestar (Richie McDonald/Ron Harbin/erry Vandiver)

1st Verse

High school half-time Friday night
Standin' on the 50-yard line
Big ol' blue and gold tuba in my hand
I could see Katie Ann in the popcorn line
Couldn't see how to make her mine
I was always in the band

2nd Verse

At eighteen I found a cheap guitar
Became Seger and Willie in a smoky bar
Bared my soul behind a rusty ol' mike stand
I'd get her name and number on a second break
Watch someone dance my chance away
I was always in the band


Sometimes this dream demands more than I can give it
But even still I don't regret a single minute
Oh, to hear you laugh, to feel your pain
To see a thousand wavin' flames
It's just a part 'a me, (that's who I am) (Thank God she understands)
I was always in the band
(I was always in the band)

3rd Verse

Met her backstage before a show
Las Vegas rodeo
Three months later I asked her for her hand
We tied the knot on the 6th of June
Would'a had a honeymoon
But I was always in the band


Left Dallas on the way to Omaha
'Round Topeka when I got the call
Baby's comin'
Honey, get here when you can
Yeah I guess I should have turned that bus around
I'da let thirty thousand people down
I was always in the band

(Repeat Chorus)

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