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listen  "Leap Of Faith" by Lionel Cartwright (Lionel Cartwright)

1st Verse

You want a no-risk guarantee
Before you take a chance
You want to know how the song will end
Before you start to dance
Well, I can't foretell the future
But my heart clearly sees
Your hand in mine for a long, long time
If you could just believe


(And) (You'll) take a leap of faith
Cast away your doubt
Darlin' come what may we can work it out
A love that's real will always find a way
(And) if you'll trust in me like I trust in you
There's no rain or fire that we can't go through
The first step's always the hardest one to take
It's a leap of faith

2nd Verse

I understand all your doubts and fears
Of layin' your heart on the line
But aren't you afraid of just throwin' away
A love like yours and mine
I know your heart's been broken
You've been let down before
Though the stakes are high
Give it one more try
This time you can be sure

(Chorus Out)

listen  "I Watched It All (On My Radio)" by Lionel Cartwright (Lionel Cartwright/Don Schlitz)

1st Verse

I had a six transistor when I was a kid
WGN Under my pillow I kept it hid
When the lights went out, and no one could see
Over the airwaves the world came to me

2nd Verse

I'd go through the stations 'til I found a game
I knew how they played by the sounds of their names
The sluggers hit homers, and those pitchers threw smoke
And I watched it all on my radio

1st Chorus

At the crack of the bat, I knew how far it'd go
And I watched it all on my radio
I watched it all on my radio

WLS 3rd Verse

When the ballgame was over, the wrapup complete
I'd search through the static 'til I found a beat
The Beatles and Creedence, the Stones and the Byrds
You should have seen all the groups that I heard

4th Verse

And on Saturday night when the skies were all clear
A station from Nashville sometimes would appear
WSM With steel guitars and soft Southern twang
The stars of the Grand Ole Opry would sing

2nd Chorus

And I had a seat on the very front row
And I watched it all on my radio
I watched it all on my radio


And 'round about midnight some preacher came on
XERF To tell me what's right, to tell me what's wrong
And there was a test at the sound of the beep
'It was only a test' the voice would repeat
And the National Anthem would sing me to sleep

(Repeat 1st Verse)

(Repeat 2nd Chorus)

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