James LeBlanc

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listen  "I'm Here" by James LeBlanc (Brad Crisler/James LeBlanc)

1st Verse

He said, 'All I can say is sorry'
'I don't expect you to understand'
'It's like tryin' to explain the cosmos'
'Figurin' out what drives a man'

Pre Chorus

And he stood there hands in pocket
Wonderin' how he'd be received
And as a single tear ran down his face
He tried some honesty
He said, 'Listen to me'


I don't know
If there's a limit on forgiveness
Or if one more second chance
Is just too much to ask
(Now) (And) I'm not sure
What's gonna happen with tomorrow
The only thing that I know
Is I'm here
I'm here (yeah)
(I'm here, yeah)

2nd Verse

In the dark somewhere across town
There's a Nissan in the drive
With a nineteen year-old prodigal
Who's all knotted up inside

Pre Chorus

She says, 'Mom, I've been lost for so long'
'Between quicksand and shaky ground'
'Now I don't know how to make it up to you'
Then she broke down and said,
Copied without permission from Country Music Song Lyrics

(Repeat Chorus)

3rd Verse

I shake the rain off of my raincoat
Take a seat in a back row pew
Weighed down by the things that I've done
I never planned to do

Pre Chorus

I say, 'Lord, I hope you're listenin''
'I wouldn't blame you if you weren't'
'But I hear you specialize in broken hearts'
'And I'm in a world 'a hurt'

(Repeat Chorus)