'Coyote Ugly' listen  "The Right Kind Of Wrong" by LeAnn Rimes (Diane Warren)

1st Verse

Know all about, yeah 'bout your reputation
And now it's bound to be a heartbreak situation
But I can't help it
If I'm helpless every time that I'm where you are
You walk in, and my strength walks out the door
Say my name, and I can't fight it anymore
Oh I know I should go
But I need your touch just too damn much (hey, yeah)


Lovin' you (yeah)
Isn't really somethin' I should do (yeah, hey)
(I) shouldn't wanna spend my time with you, yeah
Well, I should try to be strong
But baby, you're the right kinda wrong
(Yeah) baby, you're the right kinda wrong

2nd Verse

It might be a mistake
A mistake I'm makin'
But what you're givin'
I am happy to be takin'
'Cause all it's ever made me feel the way I feel
When I'm in your arms
They say you're somethin' I should do without
They don't know what goes on
When the lights go out
There's no way to explain
All the pleasure is worth all the pain

(Repeat Chorus)


I should try to run
But I just can't seem to
'Cause every time I run
You're the one I run to
Can't do without
What you do to me
I don't care if I'm in too deep, yeah

(Repeat 1st Verse)

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby, you're the right kinda wrong
Yeah baby, you're the right kinda wrong

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